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Mitsubishi Eclipse stalls in neutral at low idle speeds

I have a 2001 Mitsubishi Eclipse (3.0L MFI / manual transmission) that I recently started having some problems with. When I first start the car up each morning everything is fine except the idle speed seems to be a little low. After driving the car around for about 5 minutes, the car will stall if I put in neutral and let the engine slow down. If I give it gas, no problem. Let off the gas and let the RPMs drop, it’s going to stall. Oddly enough, if I have more than 1/2 a tank of gas, it gets better (doesn’t stall as much). If I get below 1/8 tank of gas, it will happen every time. A couple of weeks ago the battery died and I replaced it with a new one. Don’t know if that “could” be related in any way but I thought I’d add that in here.

Any thoughts or suggestions?

If you have not had the throttle body cleaned recently, you should have a mechanic do that. Give attention to the Idle Air Control valve and passages because these get gummed up also. The battery problem might have been a factor as the computer depends on a steady operating voltage to calculate the injector pulse. It is possible that the computer has adapted to the low battery voltage and now has to relearn the idle pulse width factors.

Hope that helps.

Thanks - I’ll get a mechanic to give it a shot