2001 eclipse stalling

The car will idle when its cold but when it warms up it stalls out at stops. What can be causing this?

The problem might be with the Idle Air Control valve. This device controls the engine idle under all conditions. It could be that deposits have developed in the IAC valve where when cold it’s free to move. But as it heats up the deposits cause it to stick where the engine stalls once the engine is hot.

You could try removing the IAC valve and clean it with throttle body cleaner, and reinstall to see if it remedies the problem. If not, then the IAC valve may require replacing as it’s being effected by heat.


Sorry I won’t be of help but I have the same problem - 2001 Eclipse. Runs fine until warm and then will not crank. It will fire for about a second or two and then immediately die as if starved for fuel. When cool it will start and run fine so it’s getting fuel. When it gets warm I get a 340 code (crankshaft position sensor). I reluctantly plan to change this sensor soon. I believe I have a short in the wiring somewhere that grounds out when the engine gets hot. I’ve asked lots of people and they all tell me something different (including mechanics). Maybe we can figure this out together!