Eclipse or Grand Prix

I can’t pick a car to buy… it’s either a 2001 Mitsubishi Eclipse GS for $6,295 or a 2002 Pontiac Grand Prix GT Coupe $9,995… The Pontiac is Fully loaded, nice sound system,. new cat, HUD headed driver seats, comfortable ride and the only downfalls besides price is it’s an automatic and the HUD likes to dim… almost out of sight. The Eclipse is a tougher ride, a bit louder but a fun little car and cheaper on gas and price… I just can’t pick… I want the extra room and luxury but I love little manuals and quick little fun cars.

You might want to pick up a Consumer Reports Used Car Buyer’s Guide at the local bookstore and let that help you decide. You’ll get lotsof good reliability data there.

For some reason I feel that dusty ol’ reliability data will not enter into your decision.

Get the Pontiac because it is Fully loaded, nice sound system, new cat, HUD headed driver seats, comfortable ride.

Or buy the Eclipse because it is a tougher ride, a bit louder but a fun little car and cheaper on gas and price.

Either way you can’t go wrong. Have fun.

I have a 1998 Buick Regal LS. It is similar to the Grand Prix and even uses he same drive train. I have had great success with it. It has great low end due to the torque of the 3.8L engine. Passing is not as effortless and requires downshifting, but there is still plenty of power. My daughters drive it now.

They’re probably about equal in terms of model reliablilty. The Pontiac will be cheaper to fix, but in 5 years the Eclipse will probably be worth twice what the Pontiac is. A lot of it will depend on how long you’re planning to own it for.

Be sure you get either car thoroughly checked out before you buy. Both are models that attract owners who abuse their cars, especially the Eclipse, and you don’t want to end up owning the aftermath of someone else’s expensive fun.

I checked the depreciation on 2003 models of both cars on Edmunds (no data for 2001, 2001). They have equivalent anticipated depreciation over 5 years. I think that Edmunds is a good source for this time span.

No Grand Prix. Ever. They were so bad I just stamped them FOREVER BAD.

Why not?

Thanks for the laugh Steve. You may be right. What WAS I thinking!