2018 BMW 320 - Worth it?

I found a used BMW 320i for $27,800. It is a 2018 and has 8,000 miles on it. It’s in perfect condition, so it’s like-new, and the 2020 320i’s sell for around $42,000. This seems like a good deal but I’m not really in love with the car, I just like the prospect of saving a lot of money on a like-new luxury vehicle. I hear the maintenance and insurance will be hell to pay for, not to mention needing premium gas. Is this worth it? I’m a 30-year-old female buying her first car and am financially able to do this easily, but don’t want to make a mistake…

BMWs, in general, along with other European cars, are not as reliable as and are more expensive to repair than Pacific rim cars, or as far as that goes a number of domestic vehicles. The car you are looking at is nearly out of the 36/36000 warranty.
This is your decision, but I suspect with the pandemic, you might find some good prices on new cars that have full warranties. There way still be some brand new 2019s , deeply discounted at some dealers.


Having tested the 3 Series a couple of times in that model year and generation I vote no. Here’s why; A Honda Civic Hatch EV-L or Sport is just as quick in real-world driving, as well-equipped or better, just as safe, and waay more affordable. You can but a new one with $27,800. Another great vehicle new at that price to consider is the Elantra GT Sport. These vehicles are all almost identical in size to the BMW inside and have more or equal storage capacity. You will pay less for fuel, less for insurance, and have a better trade-in value in 3 to 5 years while these vehicles are still under the warranty. Drive one and see if you like it.


I doubt if Liz will return and has probably bought this thing . You would think that a relative or co-worker would say ( No ,you don’t need something like this for your first vehicle. ).
Of course , I constantly repeat myself for saying buy new instead of spending that kind of money on a used Luxury vehicle.

I think the civic and elantra are great options. I will say it is fun trying new things, even if it costs more. I am having fun exploring Mini Cooper, bmw, and the Audi brand. The journey has costed more. For sure. But I like cars and all of the nuances.

So if more cost is acceptable, this continue on!

Why do you say that?

Should have at least another year or 28,000 miles of warranty left.

But I agree BMW’s are not considered reliable vehicles.

There is a reason why luxury models such as this BMW depreciate so rapidly, compared to a Toyota Camry, Honda Accord, etc. It isn’t just due to their reputation for high operating costs and expensive repairs. A big part of this reason is the fact that most people buy luxury cars for the purpose of showing off/trying to impress others, and once it’s a few years old, the “show off factor” is gone.

I would also question why this vehicle is for sale again, after only two years of ownership and less than 10,000 miles driven. It’s probably not because this was a dependable car.

I have always believed that a car is a machine which takes me where I need to go, and smart people buy the cheapest vehicle that will perform this task safely and reliably. It is not a fashion statement, or “status symbol”, and people who think in those terms are fools.

As you are already aware, this BMW will require expensive insurance, expensive maintenance and repairs, and expensive premium fuel. Other than the fact that driving a BMW is considered “prestigious” and that deep down, you feel that it will convey an image of “wealth” and “success”, what exactly can this BMW do, which a new Toyota Camry or Honda Accord could not do for less?


Maybe a return from a lease?


BMW also depreciates rapidly compared to Lexus, Infinity and Acura…and now even Genesis.


True, For some unknown reason I was thinking it was a 2017.

The 320i was the very base version of the 3 series, and is no longer sold here. Those 2020 models must be the 330i, which come with more power and a lot more standard features. So don’t compare the prices.

As far as this 320i, that price is higher than almost all in my area. Find a better deal, or a better first car. Look on Cars.com, autotrader.com, etc. At your budget I’d buy new.

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I had a similar decision in 2017. I test drove a luxury sedan and loved it. It cost $65,000 though. I also test drove a Honda Accord EX-L 4-cyl, priced at about $30,000. Was the luxury car $35,000 better? I decided it wasn’t and bought the Accord. My driving is mostly commuting and it seemed like a bad idea to put over 100 miles on the more expensive car 5 days a week. BMW reliability has improved a lot, as have all brands. You are correct though that the maintenances cast are very high for BMWs. If you maintain it yourself, that cost goes down dramatically. If you understand the downside to owning a luxury European car (you seem to), can afford it, and don’t mind, they go for it. Otherwise, keep looking. Remember that every dollar you spend on this car is money that you can’t spend elsewhere.

There, I fixed it for you!

Can someone tell me what makes a BMW a "luxury"vehicle? To me a luxury vehicle should have a smooth, comfortable ride, a roomy, opulent, quiet interior, and an engine with gobs of low-end torque. The BMW has none of the above. The only BMW I’ve ever driven that even came close was a 1970’s Bavaria.

Rolls Royce and Bently I consider luxury vehicule.Even my dad’s 1957 Buick roadmaster coupe had a better ride than the BMW,Lexus and Mercedes of this world.

Today’s BMWs have all that if you look at the 5, 6, 7, and 8 series.

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That depends on your interpretation of “better ride”. In the case the Roadmaster, that equates to two rolling living room couches without concern for anything but soft, straight line comfort. I used to love driving my Mom’s 1964 series 62 Cadillac hardtop. It had that great straight line ride that your Dad’s 1957 Roadmaster had, but it stalled if I cornered too fast. That’s one downside of soft suspension coupled to a carbureted car. Great car, though. Loved it.

My current daily driver is a '62 Cadillac Sedan De Ville. None of the BMWs are as comfy.


If somebody wants only a “boulevard ride”–without ever having to drive on winding roads where those old Roadmasters heel over in a dangerous manner–then they are definitely comfortable. If you want something with safe handling, then you will be uncomfortable.

I drive at speeds that take road conditions.into account. When I drove in rallyes at Watkins Glen I needed handling. Im much more interested in a boulevard ride today. I have a friend my age (68) who “treated” himself to a new Corvette last year. I think he’s spent more on the chiropractor than on car payments since.