Eclipse 2000

My son has a 2000 Eclipse which is making a horrible noise. Some say it is the lifters, some say it is a rod. Sounds like an airplane engine. The oil was not that low, maybe two quarts when we checked. He wants to sell it for 2000.00. Do you think it could be repaired and then sold? Do they have a problem common with this sound?

if car has a 4 cly. engine 2 qts low is half the cap. of the car . that said does your son know how to check the fluids in his car ?? i would try one of the mech. in a can and change the oil with the correct weight oil. i hope that makes a difference. how many miles on the car? ps the 6 cly holds the same amount of oil

Big Marc commented on your mechanical issue, so I’ll take the selling question. I sold my '03 eclipse last september for 2k. It was pristine mechanically, and very nice visually… but had 190k miles on it.

2k is probably a stretch unless he’s got some major selling points, which judging by the other question above seems to not be the case.

Sound like an airplane engine can come from the alternator, the tensioner, the harmonic damper, just about anything that spins. What I can say is that he needs to get it diagnosed before making any assumptions. And nobody’s likely to buy it with that sound there.