Uninformed woman trying to sell car

I am trying to sell my 2000 Honda Civic LX and when the last guy was checking it out, he removed the oil cap while the engine was running and seemed surprised that there was a low noise. He said that you should not hear anything. Is he making this up? I have already had the car in for a full inspection and they did not find any problems.

This clown is trying to pull the wool over your eyes.

Ignore him.

He’s trying to B.S. you. The oil is under pressure and the oil cap is on the valve cover. The noise is a combination of the pressure being vented and the sound of the valve train at work. Don’t buy into this guy’s game. Let him B.S. someone else.

Every car does the same thing.

The other posters are correct. The clown was trying to steal your car. Cars like yours are selling at a premium now with $4 gasoline…Set your price and stick to it. Your car should sell in a few days. Make sure it’s clean inside and out and the papers are in order.