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2000 Mitsubishi Eclipse GT v6 power loss

I own a 2000 Mitsubishi eclipse GT. I has a 3.0L v6 engine. And it feels like it has a 3 cylinder engine. It’s just horribly slow. Idk if it’s either not running on all cylinders or maybe not enough fuel is getting to the engine. The car is bone stock except for a dumb aftermarket air intake system that the previous owner installed. I know I’m not giving much information but hopefully some of you experienced the same as me and got it fixed.


Let us start with maintenance such as air and fuel filter, plugs, oil changes, then transmission fluid, any check engine light? Might as well throw oil changes in there also. Current mileage?

I just recently bought this car. I didn’t get any maintenance reports with the purchase. I changed the oil, oil filter, transmission, transmission filter. Yes there is a check engine light but as a college student I don’t have the money to take it in. I was hoping to fix the problem myself once I knew what the problem is.

And current mileage is around 206,000 miles. I know, a lot.

Many auto parts stores will read the codes, post them here and the knowledgable will Shirley chime in.

What Barkydog forgot to add on about auto parts stores reading codes is that they do it for FREE.

There are about 101 things that can make a car sluggish. Having the error codes might prevent throwing darts while blindfolded in the dark (and drunk as you might do it in college).

The error codes look like “P0123” - when you get them read, write down the exact “P” number(s) rather than just reporting what anyone told you about it.

I just finished college and drove a mitsubishi eclipse for the vast majority of my time there. Spent many a night replacing o2 sensors, belts, etc in dorm parking lots, so I feel your pain here.

For such a dramatic loss of power, a cylinder not firing properly would make sense, but you would absolutely 100% without a doubt feel it when you are driving. If it were 3/6 or even 2/6 that weren’t firing, it would (and correct me if I’m wrong here anybody) likely either not run at all, or run so poorly that you wouldn’t be able to drive it period.

In keeping with what the above posts have said, you won’t really get accurate responses until the engine codes are posted on here. They’ll likely try and sell you the “cure” to whatever the engine codes indicate are faulty, and that’s your discretion whether you want to buy it on the spot or come back and let us have a whack at it (this would be my recommendation).

Good luck, and hope to hear back soon.