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Eclipse 1999 won't start

Hi there. I have replaced pretty much everything possibly, from new battery to coil distributor, alternator, crank and camshaft sensor, spark plugs and starter. I also checked the fuel pump and it’s working fine, so I’m pretty much lost here since the car doesn’t give me any error codes. Another thing, until recently the spark plugs wouldn’t produce spark the car just turns over but won’t start. However today after taking the ECU off, cleaning its entrance ports the sparks and put the ECU, sparks gave me faint or small sparks after trying again. So I’m guessing if the sparks worked the ECU it’s fine? I’m out of resources here. Any help would be great thanks.

You have to give us a little more info.first.

Does the engine turn over (as in the starter turns the motor over) but it just does not start.

or; Do you get nothing when you turn the key.

You also wasted your money throwing parts at it. The alternator would have no bearing on the engine starting.


Hi there. Yes the engine turns over just fine, it makes the normal grinding noise as if it will start but it doesn’t. And yeah but the good thing is that the alternator I replaced when the car used to work so I know it’s almost new and shouldn’t have a problem :smiley: Thanks

Have you tried spraying a little starter fluid into the intake? If it starts you have a fuel delivery problem.

I don’t know what it means faint or small spark…sparks are faint and small and sometimes not easy to see under the wrong light conditions. If the spark is not sufficient you may have a problem with the ignition coil.

It’s not much of a surprise it wouldn’t start when there was no spark at the spark plug. It sounds like you may be moving towards a solution with your recent work cleaning the ECU connections. When I check for sparks I use a spare spark plug, connect it to where the actual spark plug normally goes, and hold the spark plug threads against an engine ground and look for a spark at the tip when a helper cranks the engine. The spark is very easy to see, quite bright, bright enough to see in daylight, but it is small in dimension. So it is hard to say whether the spark you are seeing is correct or not. One idea, compare the spark you see on your car to a similar car that does start.

If you’ve got a good spark but it won’t start, be aware that your prior starting attempts may have flooded the engine. Gas gets injected whenever the engine is cranking, and over time you can get quite a bit of gas in the cylinders when there’s no spark happening to burn it off. Remove a spark plug. If the tip appears wet, remove them all, disable the spark system, and crank the engine a few times to expel as much gas from the cylinders as possible, then let it sit a day or two for the rest of the gas to evaporate.

Let us know what you’ve found at that point.

Did you actually check for fuel with a pressure gauge? If you just stuck your finger into the schrader test port and got a dribble of gas…that’s no real test.

Also…not saying you are a dope…but did are you sure there is fuel?

I’ve had many cars come into my shop that were out of fuel and the gas gauge read that there was fuel. It’s not uncommon to have a stucky fuel float.