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97 Eclipse Non turbo


My 97 is having issues for a year now. It takes anywhere from 1-6 times to start up. I’ve replaced the spark plugs, spark plug wires, alternator and starter has been tested and passed the battery is 2 months old and has been tested. I have no codes going off either so I’m at a loss. I have used different additives as well it didn’t do amything. Can anyone help?:frowning:

Start by having your fuel pressure tested. Weak fuel pumps do not throw any codes. Go from there If the pressure is ok.

Try this test the next few times you start your car, especially after it’s been sitting for a while. Turn the key to the run position, count to five, and turn the key off. Repeat this two more times. Then try to start your car. If it starts right up after that, let us know.

I presume you mean the engine cranks ok – that “rrrr rrr rrr” sound – but it doesn’t catch and run. As suggested above, that symptom is often a fuel system problem. The injectors require a certain input pressure to work, and if they don’t get it, they’ll refuse to inject any gasoline. Could be a weak fuel pump as @missileman says, or an internal leak allowing pressurized fuel to either drain back into the fuel tank or via an injector into the intake manifold.