eBay ball joints

Hi folks. Just wondering what the collective opinion is on car parts from eBay - do they typically work out or are they junk? I’m looking at replacing the ball joints on my '91 LeSabre, and have found these two packages:



Either of these two packs will cost me less than a quarter of the price of one new ball joint up here in Vancouver!

However, I’ve recently been burned on struts from eBay - they wore out in a month. I’m just not sure if this was a one-time fluke or if there are a lot of crap parts out there. Compared to a relatively complicated assembly like a strut, is it even possible to produce completely junk ball joints?

Do you have an AutoZone, O’Reillys, Advance Auto, etc. near you? They show lower ball joints available at about 25 dollars each here in the U.S. I don’t know what that would translate to Canadian.

That being said, I’ve actually purchased chassis parts several times from the eBay seller you linked to and no problems with either one. From memory here, it seems like the items in question were a pair of sway bar end links and a pair of lower control arms.

I have no idea who the eBay seller’s supplier is but more than likely the parts are typical Indonesian made, unbranded stuff just like anything else nowadays. As far as I know the parts could be made by TRW or MOOG since both companies have facilities overseas and manufacture OEM suspension parts for the car makers and the aftermarket; both branded for store sales and unbranded such as the ones you mention.

We don’t have those chains up here. Car parts are still done through somewhat local suppliers. I should explain that I’m in Vancouver, BC. The chain here (Lordco) has new Moog ball joints. US and Canadian dollars are pretty much at parity these days, but most things are still more expensive here. A single ball joint would have cost me almost $200 new from the store. I think I’ll go ahead and order the eBay joints.

As an aside, is the opening at the top end of the boot supposed to be wider than the shaft when uninstalled? The Moog one was. I thought that the boot had to seal half-decently against the shaft, but I guess it’s pressed to the underside of the control arm instead.

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I believe I would order the eBay ball joints also. 200 each for a generic old Buick ball joint would cause my heart to stutter a bit also. Ouch.

The boot will compress down on the taper when everything is tightened up. Many aftermarket joints also come with grease Zerks so give them a healthy shot of grease when done.