Easy way to seal electrical probe punctures?


Electrical tape will work, but is there some type of sealant I can just dab on the hole that will stick well to the wire’s plastic insulation? What do you use? Thanks!


There are a number of manufacturers that make liquid electrical tape. A little dab’ll do ya!


To avoid punctures, in the first place, go to www.bay.com and search BACK PROBES. When used properly, the probe can be slid along the wire and touch the wire terminal, and voltage or ohms readings taken. Punctures can cause later problems — very hard to diagnose problems. The headaches you prevent could be your own.


It is simply not worth it to worry about probe punctures. Nothing bad will happen. However, for those who cannot sleep well at nights worrying about such things, seal the puncture with whatever hardening liquid is on hand – nail polish, rubber cement, Elmer’s glue, and so on.


Unless the wire is mangled I would not worry about it.
However, if you choose to repair it the recommended repair is a dab of RTV silicone sealer.


Thanks for your replies!
I picked up some of the “liquid tape” and it worked well. I’ll get some back probes soon.
I wouldn’t worry about the punctures much, except that these are in tail light wires on a box truck and are in an exposed location behind the rear wheels–They’ll be subjected to a lot of slop this winter, I suspect.


GE makes a product which I put on electrical connections which get a lot of water blasted at them . . . like headlight prongss, etc. you can get a tube at the parts store for under $5. It sticks to the prong and doesn’t seem to attract too much dirt. I’ll dig it out of my tool box and get you a part # if you like. Rocketman