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Gunk spray safe for electrical?

What can I spray on an electrical connector that won’t come off won’t damage connection?

Electrical, yes, electronic, no…

Well, I am referring to the connector that holds the bulb in headlight. Can’t get it off, and is looking dangerously breakable. Need to spray to loosen. What to use?

After you get this apart apply some silicone dielectric compound to the connector. It’s made for applications like this.

If you don’t have any put the new bulb in and connect the wires, but get some of this compound, then take the connector off and apply the compound. It will help you get it apart the next time.

You must be getting quite aggravated by now. Don’t panic. Take a deep breath.

It WILL come off, you’re just not pulling hard enough. The contacts are corroded and stuck together, but they are just pins in slots. The connector will pull off the bulb without breaking. Just don’t pull on the wires.

When it comes loose you’re going to bang your knuckles, so maybe put a rag or something under the connector as a cushion. Pull harder. As long as you have the little tab depressed it’s just a matter of sufficient force.

The only thing you can break is the little fastening tab, and it’s quite obvious by now that the tab is not needed to keep the connector in place.

If you spray too much Gunk the connector will be slippery and you won’t be able to grip it.

I finally kept hitting the connector with a hammer on each side while I wedged another hammer under the little clip until the connector came off. I cried. Now, do I put the bulb in and tighten the ring before I put the connector on? Or do I connect the connector (seems redundant) to the bulb, place the bulb in the reflector/headlight, and then tighten the ring? I can’t seem to get it either way. A 15 year old car does have its drawbacks.

I’m really sorry this has been so difficult for you. You have to understand, electrical connections that are this old can be difficult to work with.

You should install the new bulb first. It should be very easy. What ring are you talking about? There’s no need to “tighten” anything.

Insert the new bulb and turn it clockwise to seat it, then push the electrical connector up onto the bulb to make the electrical connection (is that redundant?).

The bulb has to be installed before you attach the electrical connection.

You are a wonderful person to hang with me this long…my nail polish is ruined, by the way…LOL…I am still at it…will let you know unless you completely turn your back by then.

The ring I am referring to is the open/lock ring and I can’t get the bulb back in with the ring turned either way.