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Extend life of electronic fuel pump

I have a 1988 Ford Club Wagon, the 15 passenger variety, with the electronic fuel injection system that injects into the throttle body and relies on 2 electric fuel pumps. It is in good shape and could serve my needs for years to come. Currently it is parked for months then run for a few days to a week. I have replaced the in tank pump 3 times and the inline pump once all in less than 2000 miles. The most likely culprit I am finding online is the ethanol in the fuel. Is there something I can add to the fuel before hand when I know the van will be parked for a period of time that will extend the life of the pumps without bothering the engine?

Sta-Bil makes a fuel stabilizer for ethanol-laced fuels. It is supposed to negate the corrosive properties. Unlike the classic fuel stabilizer with a red label, the ethanol treatment uses a green lsbel.

Thanks, I’ll look for it.

How long did the original pump last?
Where are you getting the replacements?
The failures may have nothing to do with the problem.
Some aftermarket parts are junk.

“Some aftermarket parts are junk.”

Well said

I’ve had plenty of scenarios, where the junky replacement parts ARE the problem. Don’t fit, don’t work correctly, don’t last long, etc.

Are you absolutely certain the pumps were failing? Your truck uses the EEC-IV system and there are a number of things that can affect fuel pump operation and which can be intermittent in nature.

Doh! “The failures may have nothing to do with the problem.” The heck does that mean?!

The pump failures may have nothing to do with the fuel itself.

you can probably find ethanol free fuel as well.

it took awhile before ethanol caught up with my 75 ford, but when it did, it was one problem after another. first my rubber fuel lines started failing, basically melting away. then different diaphrams on the carb, finally I had to rebuild the carb and I could not believe the truck still ran. when I took the carb apart and saw all the parts that had failed. some of the tiny springs had almost completely disintegrated and the remaining bits were everywhere.