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E320 E-class 2001 Mercedes-Benz

I recently discovered water under the back seat of car where the battery and fuses are located.
Has anyone had this problem and might know where the water could be coming from.
There is no water stains inside the car from the sunroof and wet on floors and even in the truck area.
Thanks for any ideas.

Can’t tell ya.

If you don’t provide the year of the vehicle, there’s no way to check if there might be a Technical Service Bulletin that may address this issue.


I thought I included that, it is an Mercedes-Benz E320 2001.

Common water entry places other than those you’ve mentioned

  • from rain water getting into doors at the window seals, if drains at bottom of door are clogged
  • AC systems can leak condensate water from the AC unit inside the passenger compartment, if drain is plugged
  • there’s a path where the fresh air inlet allows fresh air into the HVAC system. There’s a rain water separator gadget in that path, the drain on that can get plugged.
  • The rear tail lights are a common place for leaks to occur. Check in the trunk under the carpet, esp if you have a spare tire under the carpet, look in that area.

Is the gasket around the rear window in good shape? If not, water could sleep in around it.

Now they want to know,

sedan, sedan 4MATIX, wagon, wagon 4MATIX?


It is a 4 door sedan.