E-150 Bolt sheared off - Sending Tensioner Belt Flying

A bolt underneath the alternator bracket sheared off and my Tensioner belt went flying off the highway. Any tips to get the bolt off?

If there is enough of the bolt sticking out, Vise-grip pliers or a pipe wrench works. If not, drill, tap, and install a helicoil. You may get lucky and be able to get a screw extractor to work, but you still need to drill a hole in the center to try that. I’ve broken more extractors than I care to pay for anymore, so I just drill and tap for the helicoil.

It’s a matter of access…Vans are notorious for limited engine access…With the torque off the bolt, the broken-off part might unscrew out of the block without too much trouble…But first you need to get some working room…Then try a tool like a dental pick to rotate the broken off bolt…Failing that, it will need to be drilled and a screw extractor employed…

This is how I remove sheared off bolts from engines. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4BFUfGKU_ts