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06 escape alternator

Trying to change the alternator on my wife’s 06 ford escape. It is in a horrible spot on bottom of engine and I am having a real hard time getting top bolt off. Any suggestions?

There are lots of tutorials on youtube…is it the V6?

Yes, it’s the v6. Most of the videos I’ve watched have more to do with getting to the alternator than anything else. Haven’t seen any with any tips for getting top bolt out.

Spray the bolt with penetrating oil and let it sit for a while.These bolts are usually on super tight.

loosening the bolt is one thing and removing it is another. maybe a bit like unbolting a serp belt tensioner that is always 1" from frame rail. some cars you have to lift the motor and/or loosen or remove a motor mount to do it. a rotating handle ratchet is a nice tool. i have one with a square drive on the end of the handle to use a 2nd ratchet for turning it.

It also helps to hammer on it. The vibrations help the oil penetrate. I did this on my 1999 Honda Civic a few months ago when replacing the timing belt. After numerous sprays of PB Blaster and hammering it this way and that, when I got back to it the next day it budged and then moved easily…