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I have a 2001 Chevy Blazer that I just got about seven months ago.Recently whenever I turn on the heater dust comes blowing out along with cold air. I changed out the air filter but that didnt fix the problem.Is there something wrong with my car or is it just me?

Did you replace the cabin filter?

If this vehicle has one it should be accessible via the glove box or at least in that area. Perhaps part of the glove box needs to be removed.

Also, if the vehicle has been drawing in a LOT of dust, the ductwork likely needs cleaning too.

I would also worry about the engine air cleaner.

Joe, the OP mentioned he ‘changed out the filter’, so I figured that was what he meant. (engine filter)

Good point. I sort of read it the other way around but you may well be right. In any case, both filters need to be replaced from time to time.

In addition there may be a loose hose etc. or other problem.

In addition to dust blowing out of the vents I just discovered that my radiator/coolant system has a lose or cracked hose causing a slow leak.Can a leak be causing the dust problem?

No, the leak and the dust problem are separate issues.

Did you have this vehicle checked by your mechanic, prior to purchase?

There is no cabin filter on my 2000 Blazer that I am aware off. The dash vents can be removed by gently pulling them straight out. Don’t force them. If you have a small vac with an extension try vacuuming out the dust in the ducts.

Are you sure it’s a hose or fitting causing the leak? A slow coolant leak could indicate an intake manifold gasket leak. The gasket on my Blazer started to leak at 46k miles in 2004.

Ed B.

I was able to pull the vents out of the dashboard and clean inside. My dust problem is now cured!Thank you so much! The issue with the disappearing coolant is also in the process of getting of being fixed. Leaking gasket.Thank you all so much!