Cabin Air Filter Replacement Problem

I recently had my dealer service dept. replace the cabin air filter on my 2010 Toyota Prius.
After leaving the dealer, I noticed that there was a humming noise coming from somewhere in the ventilation system. There was no noise there before. It makes noise whether I have the A/C on or not, or have it set on exterior or interior air intake. Also, every time I turn on the ventilation there’s a little dust and debris that blows out of the vents.
I took out the air filter myself to check it, and cleaned out a couple of leaves and some dust. The air filter was put in the right way, and after reading the part number to the parts person at the dealership, he said, “Oh, that one’s okay too.” HUH?? It’s still making the humming noise.
I just wanted to run this by you guys first, before I return to the my dealer service dept. to have it checked out. What do you think? Should I take it to a dealer service dept. at another dealer?

Bring it back.

And tell them a noise was created when the filter was replaced that wasn’t there before.

There may be a problem with the filter.


There are leaves in the blower wheel.

Leaves can pile up on the old filter, when the filter is removed the leaves get brushed off of the filter by the opening in the housing.

I have been able to scoop debris out of the blower wheel with my fingers by reaching through the filter opening, the ignition must be off. If that isn’t possible the blower motor will need to be remove to clean the wheel.