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Dust in my cabin

When i drive my car on dirt roads when its dry out, dust comes into the cabin. it appears to come out of one of the heating/ac vents near the floor on the passenger side. I was told that my car does not have a cabin air filter so i have no idea what to do or even where to look for the problem. Any ideas?

Deal with it. It happened on every car I ever owned until recently (when cabin air filters were invented).

Works as designed. There is no problem to look for. The next time you are turning onto a dirt road, set the climate control to recirculate, or to off, to reduce the amount of dust coming into the car. If this isn’t acceptable to you, then you may want to upgrade to one of the many cars that do have cabin air filters.

It’s normal. Chevrolets have “flow through ventilation” so you can’t turn off the air flow. You can turn the air flow down but not off.