Air conditioner filter


For the newer cars with the dust filters under the dash, has anyone ever taken it out during the job and just not replaced it? Would that be ok today, or are the newer evaporators made such that they will clog up faster than the older ones. I just hate changing a filter under the dash that is so hard to get to. We live in a dusty area and the filter just plugs up and is worthless. Do you think it can be just taken out? Thanks,

dirty old man ran


I wouldn’t remove it, but I DO remove their dust with compressed air all the time. That still requires removal. I haven’t replaced one on any of my cars yet.


what type of car do you have. We have the 01 Camry and the 03 Ody honda?? have not done the camry yet, you? thanks randy


'01 Chevy Venture van and '02 Saturn. They can’t be THAT hard to R&R on your cars.


Gee the filter is getting clogged because it’s doing it’s job. I think it’s far better to change the filter more frequently then to BREATH in all that dust.


You can remove them and not replace them. The car has no monitoring system for the duct air, the evaporator will work fine, and life will go on.

As a matter of fact, my car was made with a filter box but the filters aren’t included! I just read an article recently that gave the part number for anyone who chooses to install a filter of their own.