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2004 Chevy Silverado 1500 Z71

My a/c recently is not blowing the same amount of air thru the cabin. Thought it was the cabin air filter because I was recently in some really dusty conditions. The compressor under the hood (and both lines) run very cold, but cabin blows cold air just low volume compared to before my dusty trip. Am told the 2004 does not have a cabin air filter. Anyone know if this it true? If that is true how and where is the air filtered or input? Anyone know? Thing something is restricting my air flow causing me problems.

There’s this thing called google… (edited Sep 3) which give a lot of different information, some of which says that there isn’t a filter and that there isn’t any access to it if there is one. The cut away duct on the dremel tool post probably shows how somebody removed the debris that was blocking the core. Good idea by my standards.

check your fan motor housing under the dash, make sure nothing has been sucked up and blocking the air flow, like a plastic bag or something. happend to me once

Do you still have all of your fan speeds? What about the heater? Does it have more airflow when the heater is on ? I think we need a little more info to troubleshoot this.

Yes, I have all the fan speeds. Heater and Air work find. No airflow volume is the same for both air and heat. Can’t find anything on google. Everything talks about the earlier models with replacement filters that has a removable housing to access. I think I found the problem when I dropped the fan motor. There is a filter that you can barely see and is full of dust/debri under the glove box, but no access pannel. Not sure how to get at it other than take the entire dashboard out. Doesn’t have hood access or under the glove box panel like earlier models. Anyone have any other suggestions to get at the filter other than take the entire dashboard out?

If your vehicle does have cabin air filter(s) here’s how they’re replaced.


This is the older model with the access panel. The 04 Silverado does not have this panel. That is the problem.

I am talking about the video you posted. I don’t have that access panel. It is enclosed.

It looks like the dash does need to be removed as the screws are hidden, or there may be an answer with creative use of a dremel tool.