Durango squaeks and windows


I have a 2001 DODGE DURANGO that squeaks as i drive,it is only a little annoying but i am wondering if this is a sign that it needs a lube job? Also the switch for the right back window does not work from the drivers door control but does work from the direct window control on the passenger window.Is this a switch rlay or fuse problem?Thanks, and I love your show I listen every saturday on npr out of philly.

DAve Bolton


The squeaking is most likely caused by the bushings on the upper A-arm. Mine are also worn and deteriorating. Each upper A-arm has two bushings.

Your window problem will only get worse. The windows can be controlled by the local switch randomly, then by the master randomly, then by neither… randomly until they eventually fail. Dodge knows about this and has manufactured better window motors (it actually isn’t the switches). The motor and regulator come as a unit and are fairly easy to replace, but require use of the included template and drilling of two new holes.

Just wait until you begin have ball-joint and other suspension/steering problems…