Dodge Durango 02 upper control arm bushing

I’m driving from Florida to Arizona, the rubber is deteriorating visibly, will it last until AZ? It’s gone about 9000 miles since I noticed the rubber was breaking. My mileage is 160848.

Any help asap would be appreciated as I am traveling now with my family. Thank you

It’s impossible to say. More than likely the worst that will happen is that the rubber would continue to deteriorate and chunks could fall out. This would probably show up as a clunking noise and the vehicle would have a tendency to wander on the roadway with increased tire wear.

If repair is not feasible at the moment then you could likely continue the trip with no problem. It’s also quite common for rubber in control arm bushings, motor mounts, etc to develop cracks (weather checking) with age and they can go a long time, or even forever, like this.

I think that @Ok4450 gave you some good advice.

I’m wondering though.
You noticed this 9000 miles ago.
I guess I would have stopped by my mechanic before I left on such a long trip and had them look at it at least. They may have said that it would be no problem and that it could wait until you return. Then you wouldn’t be worried about this problem on such a long trip.

My second though is that you should have had at least 2 oil changes in that 9000 mile, but you never asked about this when the car was in for servicing. Or has it not had a filter and oil change in that 9000 miles.


I’ve changed the oil twice, and I asked my mechanic before the last trip (5000 miles), he said to have it fixed when I got back. Then work called and I thought I could get it fixed out on the road, but money is too tight.

To check this I would lift that wheel by the lower A arm i.e. unload the ball joints, tie rod engs, and upper bushings. I assume you have coil springs on the lower A arms. Then, shake the wheel in/out, up/down, right/left. If there is a lot of play get it fixed. Otherwise if it is minimal check it again further along and see if it is getting worse.

Thank you for your help guys!