Durango low oil pressure - internal engine rinse



I have a 2002 Durango, never had any problems until recent. 90k miles and the truck drives as if there is some resistance. Recently had front tires replaced, but still have old low tread tires on year (not sure if this is the cause). However, I am interested in having an Internal Engine Rinse to clean out all, if any, carbon deposits on the engine. I have found that too many Durango owners are having low oil pressure issues and the dealers and telling the owners they need a new engine. I’ve found advice from mechanics that suggest an engine flush using diesel fuel is the sure fire way to prevent my Durango engine from failing.

However, I am not mechanically inclined and would like to ask whether this is safe (if done by the right person), and if it is safe, can i get this done at a shop (Firestone, Pepboys, etc.)or independent mechanic, and how much would i be looking to spend if i have this done?

PLEASE HELP ME WITH THIS! :O) I cannot afford to buy another vehicle and my life would take a drastic turn if i lose my vehicle.

Thanks in advance,

JAson D. Singleton


I am interested in having an Internal Engine Rinse to clean out all, if any, carbon deposits on the engine.

That the heck is an “Internal Engine Rinse?”


Sorry I see now, you mean some sort of engine cleaning. I fear that if you have low oil pressure that is not likely to help. How many miles on it and has it had the recommended oil changes along with the recommended oil?


Under normal circumstances there is no reason to do an “internal engine rinse,” or whatever else they might call it. These things are profit generators, and not much else. With modern fuel injected engines and detergent gasolines there shouldn’t be any carbon deposits inside the engine, or at least not enough to worry about.

Save your money.


I would drop the oil pan and clean it out. The oil pump inlet can also be cleaned.

You would be better off using synthetic oil if you are not using it now.


90k miles. I have found on the internet from a few mechanics that had low oil pressure issues with their Durangos and they did this procedure of flushing the oil system with diesel fuel or gasoline, cleaning and/or replacing the oil pump and they had great results. i just want to incorporate a decarbonizing flush into my maintenance, which isn’t necessarily revealed by Dodge in the maintenance schedule.