Water in engine oil

I have 03 durango in the driveway, the known owner, severely lacking in maintenance and knowledge, decided, unconfirmed, to flush the oil with water.

It has been sitting for 5 days now, dead in SKIS. I really want to know if is worth trying to remedy the problem or junk it.

The real machanics that post here might like a little more to go on . Was the vehicle ran with water in it instead of oil ? Did it just stop and now will not turn the engine over when you try to start it ?

And what the heck is dead in SKIS mean ?


SKIS is the dodge antitheft system that disables the vehicle from a bad key or pcm.

It was low on oil and he decided to flush it with water before putting oil in it. It stopped working a few days prior to this from a dead battery.

Sentry Key Immobilizer System, not all Durangos were equipped with immobilizer systems. Does the key have a thick gray handle?

Yes, it had they grey covering on it.

The vehicle had a dead battery, so he decided to flush the crank case with water?

Did you replace the battery and find that the engine is seized?

If the engine oil is contaminated with faucet water, it can probably be saved. If it is contaminated with coolant, forget about it.

Also, if the security system is malfunctioning, on these vehicles it can be bypassed by removing the SKIM reader and installing a junkyard PCM and BCM from an identical model which did not have SKIM.

I replaced the the battery for him, showing less than 6v, but still didn’t start.

While I’m thinking of it, I should say I haven’t checked if it was seized, and all it does is click and dim.

It was a common oversight to replace a PCM and fail to transfer the secret key data from the SKIM module to the PCM, but this shouldn’t prevent the engine from starting. Something failed that stopped this vehicle.

Measure the voltage at the starter motor cable and the solenoid connector.

There you go, the engine has seized, this inspired the owner to rinse the engine with water.

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He doesn’t deserve to have a vehicle, not even a dodge.


About the same he decided to do this, I knew I couldn’t allow him to touch my car. I have a broke bumper from allowing my sister to use it (her car is totaled because of him). Thank you so much everyone.

Junk the durango. It’s 20 years old and had probably been abused in other ways.

That is my thought, but will have to present the decision to him. It already seems like it’s more trouble than it’s worth.

Only lasted 20 years, that is a shame. If it is in good condition, it might make for a weekend project for someone. What trim package is it, is it an R/T?

How’s the overall condition? If the body and interior are good, maybe it’s worth replacing/rebuilding the engine. Otherwise, junk it.

It is an SLT v8. I was in it only to start it with the new battery and read the codes, didn’t see the condition of the interior. The outside didn’t have any noticeable rust or damage.

Just has an owner that doesn’t seem to know even basic car maintenance.

If he still owns it tell him to get it out of there or you will have it towed to a junkyard. Give him 24 hours.

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