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05 Durango Burning Oil Smell in engine and in cabin

Help, please. I have a 2005 Durango with the 4.7L engine with 140,000 mile and there is a burning oil smell coming through our vents. I also smell it when stopped at a light or drive thru and when the hood is raised. Our mechanics can’t find anything. We’ve changed the plugs and wires, replaced the valve cover gasket and water pump recently, and can find no leaks or evidence of leaks. It uses oil a little, but mostly over a long period of time or on long trips. Any ideas?? Thanks.

Have you cleaned your engine yet? Leftover leaked oil takes a long time to burn off if left in all the nooks and crannies of an engine. Oil can get spilled on the engine while adding oil as well. I think you need a thorough engine cleaning.

The smell, coupled with the fact that the engine is using some oil, makes me wonder if this situation could be due to a gunked-up PCV valve. A PCV valve is extremely cheap, so I would suggest that you just go ahead and replace it, and also clean out the PCV hose with an appropriate cleaner. Your local auto parts store will have both items.

Thanks, Missileman and VDC. I’ll try both cleaning the engine and cleaning the PCV hose. I forgot to add to the post that I had already changed the PCV valve about a month ago, but I didnt think about the hose itself. The hose running to the air filter box left a small oily spot on the air filter, so I know it must be in need of a cleaning. I’m baffled by the smell and my family is getting tired of the fumes inside the car.