Durango - Bizarre problem

My wife and I joke around about her cars often get bizarre problems, but this time we’re really stumped. She drives a 1998 Dodge Durango. She likes to tilt the steering wheel all the way up when she parks it, then adjust it down when she drives. There are 3 different adjustment positions: fully down, mid-way and fully up.

A few days ago she said that when she puts the steering wheel all the way down, her headlights turn off. The next day she said that unless the steering wheel is all the way up the headlights turn off. Today she informed me that the headlights don’t work in any steering wheel position, but the brights work.

Any idea what the problem is here?

Thanks in advance for any help.

And the brights switch is on the steering wheel. That might indicate the … ( I am having a brain dead moment. The mechanism that makes all the connections from the steering wheel to the car. ) is bad and needs replacement. Other than that I would suggest the switch.

It sounds like there are broken wires that run from the multi-function switch down the steering column.

If you look at where the steering column pivots for the different positions, it’s below the multi-function switch. This can only mean that the wires that operate the low beam headlights have broken inside the column where it pivots.


Could it be that the design could not cope with all that tilting up and down? “Every time she parks it” sounds like many multiples of expected usage.