Headlights, interior, and dashboard lights

2001 Dodge Durango
It’s not my Alternator, it’s not my battery, and I have All new fuses in the fuse box… but for some reason my headlights and interior lights and dashboard lights will not turn on… is it possible that the switch could be broken and if so how would I go about repairing that???

2001-2004 Dakota?

Does anyone else hear crickets in the background?

I know I do whenever someone comes on the board, and asks a question about their vehicle, but refuses to reveal the year/make/model of the vehicle that they’re talking about.


My bad @Tester it’s a 2001 Dodge Durango

The central timer module controls the instrument cluster, headlights and interior lights on the Durango/Dakota. Remove the left kick panel cover (next to the parking brake pedal) and disconnect/reconnect the connectors to the CTM. This may restore operation of the lights for a short time, the CTM will need to be replaced.

Thank you! @Nevada_545