Just say no to upgrade


Dear Tom and Ray,

I read your advice about just saying no to interior/exterior coatings. I usually find your advice to be helpful, but I am not so sure that you are correct about this particular one. I purchased both protectants on my Landcruiser (and I will admit that I really had to be sold) I always said no before and never had a problem. After a thorough sales pitch, I gave in.

My wife drove through something that left white circles permanently etched on my paint. I have seen similar type etching from bird droppings. While the protection was not technically for chemical debris, I felt that I purchased the protection and would see if they would honor the warranty that came with the protections that the young lady insisted that I purchase.

My estimated paintwork was $7598.00, the dealership assisted in filing a claim with the insurer of the warranty. I was pleasantly surprised that the work was paid in full and 30 days after my truck was painted, they resealed it at no charge.

I think that if you care about how your vehicle looks; that purchasing certain protections that are offered by a reputable dealer can be a very smart purchase.



You may have been able to claim the paint damage on your auto insurance. But you are the rare person for whom the coating warranty paid off.

I also had a similar experience. Our 2003 Olds Silhouette needed a new transmission at 56,000 miles. It would have cost over $3000 but we had an extended warranty. Lucky us! Even better is that the warranty was a freebie as an inducement to buy an Olds in 2003 after GM announced the demise of the marque. I would not have bought the warranty.


Sorry, but I’m wondering of those white circles could not have been buffed out.

While I’m truely happy for you that you’re pleased with your particular decision, the probability of those protectants doing more for the buyer than a coat of wax and a can of spray fabric protectant would is extremely small. I still recommend against them.

I’m not posting to be difficult or to make you feel bad, I’m only posting because I truely believe they’re simply not worth the price and would hate to see folks run out and get them when the chances of having them pay for themselves is miniscule.