Dump truck shut down while driving

2004 diesel 3 ton dumptruck shutdown while driving,try to start again crank but won’t start (this engine is HEUI type

A diesel engine needs three conditions to operate.

Fuel, air, and compression.

I’d be looking for a problem in the fuel system.


Please don’t get upset at my question . . .

You sure you have enough fuel for the truck to start?

My point is . . . don’t overlook the obvious

A HEUI engine also needs an adequate oil level because it uses pressurized oil to fire the injectors. If the truck runs low on oil or if the oil pump is unable to maintain the quite high pressure the engine will simply stop running.

I did not know any of this because I had never heard of HEUI, so I simply googled it because I was curious.

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All of my diesel experience is with European cars and I am not familiar with HEUI but since there is no way of stopping a diesel once running I wonder if this truck uses a fuel shut off solenoid similar to the Bosch setups? That could mean a lack of electrical power to the solenoid.

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What type of truck? What engine? Any DTC codes?

Cam/Crankshaft sensors are a common failure on certain diesel engines of this era- especially if they weren’t spaced properly last time they were installed, and often won’t throw a DTC code.

this is true. and on some of them, it is something like 18,000 psi of oil pressure needed to fire the injectors, so old oil can also cause issues.