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Engine light

my 2001 volvo wagon always has the check engine light on but there does not seem to be any problem that anyone can find. Any suggetion?

Only one, sell the car. My experience with a '98 V70XC and an '00 V70XC turned me off to Volvos. Great seats, great traction, yadda ysdda - horribly expensive to repair and frequently need repairs.

My '98 needed a new MAP sensor. It had a couple of check engine lights that were reset without repairing anything. Finally one day it started running badly and quit on me on the way to the repair shop. A tow and new MAP sensor and back on the road again. This turned out to be one of the least expensive repairs I had, only $300 as I recall.

Can you post the codes…with the Volvo guy’s interpretation?

 It could be many things, but most cars have a computers that keeps track of problems and stores information about what may be wrong.  The first step is to have the computer scanned to see if there are any error codes.  Some autopart stores will do this for free; try Autozone or Advanced Auto Parts. 

Just because your engine seems to be running fine does not mean something is not working right that could cause more expensive repairs if you don't do something now.  Many times it is nothing more than a loose gas cap, other times you might be destroying your catalytic converter or something else.

It is really foolish to ignore it.