Volvo S80 T6 yr2000

Okay, I am going to start from the beginning. I got the car in Feb 2008. The sunroof didn’t work at that time. 2 weeks later, while driving, the car shuts down. Nothing works, and when we turn the key, it “clicks”. (don’t know how to explain it) So we get it towed to PepBoy’s, and they change the Alternator and gives us a new battery. Fine, now all of a sudden the sunroof works, and we are happy. During the summer time, the sunroof worked on and off, and in the fall it stopped working completely. In November it shut down again, while driving. So we tow it to PepBoy’s again…and they change the alternator and the battery! After the 2nd time, the Airbags are offline. We take it to the Volvo dealer who looks at it, and they say that the computer isn’t working properly. And that it is going to cost us $1,800.00 to get a new one. Okay, I don’t have that kind of money right now, so I am going to see if I can find a used one from a junk yard or something. Anyway, the last weekend in April 2009, the car shit down AGAIN, while driving on the highway. We had it towed to PepBoy’s…again…and they changed the alternator and battery again. I have had this car for 1.3 years, and changed the alternator and battery 3 times. I don’t understand. What is wrong with this car?! Please, Please, someone help me with some information.


PepBoy’s is not a good place to find answers to your car’s problem. They replace stuff without finding out WHY your alternator and battery are failing in the first place. The Volvo dealer isn’t much better because they’ll replace every expensive part they can and the bill will be huge.

Option 1: don’t own an older Volvo if you are not rich and can’t afford the high cost of repairs. Older Volvo’s, like yours, are money pits. A lot goes wrong and the parts and labor are high to repair them. I’ve owned 2 and speak from experience. You should seriously consider selling the car.

Option 2: find an independant mechanic who is knowledgeable of Volvo’s. It is still expensive but you won’t get the shaft which is the norm from the Volvo dealer’s service dept. If you can’t find one, go back to option 1.

You are absolutely right, I have to find a mechanic that will be honest with me. And if it is too much, then it is time to sell. I keep taking in to PepBoy’s because the first time it broke down, that was the closest place…and since it was less than 1 year after I got the first Alternator, I took it there so I wouldn’t have to pay for the part again. But I will take it to a private mechanic and hopefully he can help me find out what the problem really is.

Thank you for your help!