2004 Volvo has gone crazy

IN the past year, on 3 different occassions my car has stalled and I have lost all instrument panel lights and no power windows, locks, etc. If I don’t turn off car it will continue to drive. Once I turn off engine, instrument panel comes back up, lights flash several times and then car is down again. I have taken it to the dealership twice and once to an independent mechanic. All 3 times car was connected to diagnostic and it said nothing wrong with car. Once car is disconnect from diagnostic it runs fine for a few months and then it happens again. Dealer said to repalce CEM at cost of $1500.00 but did say they can’t guarantee that is what the problem is. Oh yeah, after each incident several warning messages stay on and won’t go away (window washer fluid low, check air bags, check brakes, etc). Had a friend who has a friend who said it might be a coil from the battery.

You need a better electrical analysis done! The dealer’s recommendation does not surprise me; it’s standard procedure these days to replace expensive components as part of a “parts hanging” repair. The dealer’s mechanic is not paying for these expensive parts!

If you can find a good independent garage whith a mechanic who understands Volvos give him a chance. It MAY turn out that the dealer is right, and the expensive part is part of owning a Volvo. You already know that. It may also be a less expensive coil.