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Dumb Questions

Your education in the field of education shows. This morning you said “there are no dumb questions.” or words to that effect. I think we both know that is not true.

I’ve spent many years in training and I tell that tale to every class, just like all good instructors do. If you work in the field of training and you work for a small manufacturer, you often do other jobs as well.

I was doing interviews for the ISO certification part of an internal audit at our remote plant. I started off by asking the interviewee their name. One woman gave me here name, which her last name matched the last name of a women in the main plant. So I casually inquired if they were related, to which she coldly answered “She married my ex-husband.”

Thats still not a dumb question. You learned something didnt you?

That’s not a dumb question, keith. You had no idea what the situation was. As Fireace44 said, you learned that there is indeed a relationship and that it would be best left alone in the future. Her obvious distress may not have been directed at you; it’s hard to say at this distance. If it was, then she gave a stupid answer. Why would she think that you should have known better?

Now if you had asked them how they got along, THAT would have been a dumb question!!!

Yeah, I learned not to ask that question again. But seriously, the objective was to do the interview. I try a little chit chat to put the interviewee at ease, and that question did NOT help me accomplish that, so it was a stupid question.

I didn’t ask THAT question, but it got answered anyway. Even though it was a rough start, we ended up OK. It turned out that she was getting married the next week and when she started talking about that, things got better. The interview took longer than normal, but thats the way it is sometimes.

I wondered if that had taken you off on a tangent.

Sometimes if there’s only one pothole in the entire road one hits it. Life’s just that way.