Did I get the wrong fuel pump?

Autozone had a Delphi AMF003 in stock; I would have had to wait for the Spectra; both matched my truck ('87 Toyota pickup, carbureted, 4-cylinder, 2WD, XtraCab, long bed). I bought the Delphi (the AZ guy told me it was better, came with a lifetime warranty, which it doesn’t), installed it with new tubing and filter.

The idle was too low to keep the engine running at a stop. When I wasn’t accelerating much I thought I felt a bit of roughness, as though a cylinder wasn’t delivering as much power; I’ve blown a plug before, which was much rougher. The old pump had its input on the little can on top of the filter; the new one has the return on top. They’re arrayed in the same order around it. There are no leaks, no other apparent problems.

I replaced the oil and oil filter at the same time. Since the old fuel pump was leaking, I would have thought its idle would have been higher than a non-leaky pump would need.

Is that an electric fuel pump? maybe time to check connections and voltages.

Mechanical. I have to get it emissions-tested by the end of the month so I went in anyway. I passed the emissions but he saw visible smoke at high speeds. What with my long bed and camper shell I don’t see my emissions except when its idling. He told me I needed new plugs and cables. Could the fuel pump matter?

The one they have in stock is ALWAYS better. Everything they don’t have in stock is junk.