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Duct Tape and Psychology

This has nothing to do with car per se, but everything to do with how we’re wired. (Our brains) An excellent point about Duct Tape. It doesn’t work very well. It ‘was’ used to help reduce leakage in ductwork in buildings. But now there’s many other products and designs that work.

What the topic highlighted for me, in a backdoor way, is how we get so ‘stuck’. I use this one all the time.

Why are Indians called Indians?

Building related: Why do we keep design buildings incorrectly with vented attics?

Write me for the long answers.

Love the show

Do a little research and I believe you will find that it comes from World War II and was not used for heating and cooling air ducts.

Look it up, it’s real history is interesting.

Indians were named such because Columbus mistakenly thought he’d found a shortcut to India !
'Round these parts ( four corners ) we often use the term ‘native’ or just the tribal affiliation like Navajo or Zuni because in this town we have many middle eastern residents, many from India, and can be easily confused.

– Attics are vented for a reason, watch Mike Holmes on HGTV sometime and learn lots. It has to do with condensation , mold production, rotting and all. To have an un-vented attic you’d need to include it in your heated and insulated zone ( such as an attic bedroom ). Any cold zone needs to be vented.

– Duct tape dries out badly and then is useless, soon turning to dust, so I watch very closely for its use versus life expectancy.

One person’s duck tape is another person’s chrome.

Why are circulars rectangular?

Why are apartments always together, never apart? Why do we drive on a parkway and park in the driveway?

“This Old House” also did an excellent demonstration which will show why attics must be either vented or insulated.

If money doesn’t grow on trees, why do banks have branches?

I thought of another product oddly named like duct tape: horseradish! There’s no equine flesh in that sauce (so any Triple Crown contenders need not worry :slight_smile: )!

You guys should write for Seinfeld…

hey…how about scotch tape doesn’t work on scotch…and i never saw a monkey wrench used on a monkey

And now, the biggest question ever asked,
what does Superman do with his street clothing after he changes in the phone booth?

If you want duct tape that actually works, and works well, and doesn’t leave gummy residue behind if you’re only temporarily taping something, get gaffer’s tape.

In the old Superman series, Superman just stand there with his hand on his hips laughing at the bad guy that shoots at him because the bullets can’t hurt him as they bounce right off of him.
When the gun is empty and the bad guy throws his gun at Superman out of despair, Superman ducks it.

Why is that?

And what about ‘Band Aid’? Does the plastic adhesive strip help the band? Crosby