Dropping stuff down dashboard ducts

On today’s show you had a listener who had dropped keys down a duct in her car.
The noise bothered her, so she dropped a magnet and fishhook down there too.
The Bro’s suggested various trained rodentia.

Instead of trying to remove them, couldn’t she try to GLUE them into place?
She didn’t want the keys, magnet, and it was just the noise bothering her.
Drip or spray some adhesive (don’t jam the inner ductwork doors!).

Just another ‘out of the box’ tool for your quiver.

She needs one of those robot surgery gadgets. You know, it is a long pair of wires, on one end is sort of a steering wheel, the other (which goes into the patient) is equipped to handle various cutting and grabbing devices. You use the steering wheel to turn the working end this way and that, and it has an optical viewing gadget so you can see what you are cutting and grabbing on a tv screen. I wonder if there is such a thing except geared for auto mechanics instead of surgeons?

I recall this humorous exchange between a mechanic and doctor. The mechanic inferred their jobs were very similar to which the doctor replied - when you go through the tailpipe to change sparkplugs, then we’ll talk…

My dad bought his first new car after WW II in 1963 when my brother was in high school. My brother was using the car and a friend who was riding with him accidentally dropped a quarter down the defroster slot. It didn’t hurt anything, but my brother was fussy about the car and spent 4 hours disassembling the ductwork to retrieve that quarter. In those days, hamburgers were 15 cents at McDonalds, so he bought a hamburger and spent the change on a candy bar.

@MIT86 Your problem reminds me of my 1965 Dodge Dart which was our honeymoon car. At the wedding, a friend asked for my keys to put a surprise package in the car.

It was surpise all right!! They completely filled the defroster ducts (which were round holes with grills) with CONFETTI! All through the honenymoon trip it blew confetti, especially since it rained and the defrosters had to be on all the time. Several years later I still saw the odd bit being blown up against the windshield. We resisted taking the car apart since my wife said it was a nice reminder of the trip.,

@Trideq … good story … and I’m plenty old enough to remember 15 cents hamburgers at McDonalds. There was a kids tv show host named Bojo at the time who advertised on his program to get kids to go to McDonalds. So if you (a kid) said “Bojo sent me” while ordering at the counter , you’d get a hamburger, fries, and milkshake for 35 cents. What a deal!