Ingenious temporary repairs

Many of these ideas would never occur to me. Or any other same person, either.

I think you would like

We’re all Red Green and family. If your old enough, you remember Dads and Grandpa making do out of the junk pile. Anyone got a special memory there? Metal foil tape does a great job on patching up splash guards under the engine. And PL construction adhesive slaps sheet metal on rust holes real good.


Look carefully at the green pickup tilted to about 40 degrees and held up by a 2X4.
The fella lying underneath is welding. By the gas tank. I hope he has life insurance.

Bust a alternator/water pump belt in the middle of nowhere? use a pair of panty hose for a temp repair. Very strong and one size fits all.

I have lived in the presence of greatness. Most of these examples are klutzy and visibly yukky. I sold an old 8 passenger GM station wagon to a buddy for a dollar. It had bad door seals and developed a bad case of smelly fungus in the 1993 heavy rains in our part of the US. The power train was in perfect shape, but the body was on its last legs.

It soon developed bad body rust. He put duct tape on the holes, very carefully, and with equal care, spray painted it to match the body. If you didn’t look closely, you couldn’t tell it was patched. I considered this world class talent.

When the rear bumper rusted and fell off, he put a large plank across there, and it was a visible repair.

He drove that car around town for maybe 5 years. I finally told him I should have charged him $2 for the car.

I like the bumper that is tied up with rope on a 74 LTD. I knew somebody who did that and if you never looked under the car… Wire ties holding a broken ignition switch together instead of paying the $14. 4X4 instead of a spring. Rubber hose to fix a broken sway bar. I own four vise grips that were holding things in place on cars I bought. One more and I wouldn’t need lug nuts on at least one wheel. String on a windshield wiper to operate it (Jaguar of course).