DTC 85 on 95 Chevy G30 5.7L-K 4L80e

About a week ago me and the van got blasted with A electrical field from a lightning strike 2 blocks away. the van was grounded at the time by the tools. Thats when it all started. drove the van home that evening stuck in second gear and went through 20 gal of gas in 40 miles. when I went to start it the next day it refused. since then I have replaced the computer,O2 sensor, oil pres switch,distribuitor module, map sensor,temp sensor, Trany inpuit sensor, Speed sensor, and hours of testing wires / circuts as per the GM service manual. I am down to one DTC being set Code 85 unknown ratio error.

and it is pointing to the VSS buffer module? i think. the module is an electronic box that tells the PCM what the trany is doing. so I have been trying to find on the internet what the VSS buffer number should be for my trany? and what else could cause the trany to set code 85 resulting in no overdrive. Any ideas? any one else has had issues with the VSS buffer? ps it is located next to the E brake pedel, white with 3 big letters on it Mine are QEB

Oh forgot to mention that the VSS tested out by volt ohm testing to be ok by the GM shop manuel procedure(s)

Here’s what I found for DTC85:

85: Programmable Read Only Memory error or undefined gear ratio (input or output sensor failure)
Torque converter clutch (TCC) - TCC is mechanically
stuck on

This is a job for transman. Hope he posts. Will be monitoring