Bug protection

How can I protect my car against bug guts. Can I use Crisco, Pam or vegetable oil without affecting the paint?

You really can’t. Put on a good wax job and when you have accumulated enough bugs, us BUG & TAR REMOVER, available from most auto stores.

3M makes a product called Scotchgard that’s applied to the front of vehicles that protects the paint finish against stone chips and bugs.

Check it out here. http://shows.implex.tv/3MTV/Root/AutomotiveDivision/3502/player_5577.htm?d=1237934556875


I suggest a good coat of regular automotive wax, replenished often, if you really need something special. Can the bug guts really hurt the clear coat? Where I live the bug guts wash off easily.

Body wrap! What will we advertise? :wink:

I think that a high quality wax should do the trick. Polyurethane is a clear, strong, flexible product but I suspect that wax is a lot cheaper.

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