Dropped off the lift


OK Folks, need opinions. Left my 2005 Toyota Tacoma 4WD 4cyl 62K in perfect shape at my local dealer for routine service. While hoisting the truck the rt rear hoist arm kicked out, truck dropped rt then front arms kicked forward. Damage is to both frt fenders, rockers, drivers door sprung up 3+ inches at aft end and rt rear door dented near window(access cab). Dealer is at this point assuming all responsibility. The truck flexed enuff for the bed to scuff the cab at the top corners. At this point I do not want the truck back. What kind of deal should I hold out for? My thought is to get a legal beagle to negotiate. All thoughts/opinions/rants wlecome. PS, No one was hurt!


Speak to a legal beagle, but my guess is that if the cost to repair the vehicle does not exceed the value of the vehicle you’re stuck accepting it back after repair. However, be sure they gie you a detailed description of everything done to it and if you find it isn’t right when you get it back make them go back again and fix it.


JMHO, but I think this truck should be considered a total.
You should find another comparable '05 in the same shape, or better, with the same or less mileage and the dealer insurance should foot the bill.
This one sounds severely tweaked and I would be very nervous about its future.

For what its worth, I worked for a dealer once and saw a car actually fall off a lift.
The car was on a double-post lift that had a tendency to drop a few inches at times - suddenly. The tech complained about this lift for months and they would not fix it.

One day I heard a yell and this car was going off the lift sideways due to the rack dropping suddenly. Just like watching slow motion, the car went right over the side and landed on the driver’s side edge of the roof.
In this case the insurance totalled the car out and as per the norm; the dealer fired the tech 10 minutes later as though it was his fault. The dealer THEN decided to fix the rack the next day.


The first one to talk money loses. Your best bet is to wait to see if the dealer makes an offer. Problem is, the dealers live by this rule. Its the number one rule in negotiating.


I’d make their insurance let you take it to the dealer and get an estimate. I’m guessing the dealer will say that it’s not worth it to fix.


after reading the posts i think the “legal beagle” thought is best.

but, having just gone through this with my sons car; the replacement value of your truck is not what you get from an insurance policy. it is actual cash value.

there IS a HUGE difference.

neither yours, or their insurance will voluntarily pony up the whole enchilada for the new (used) tacoma.

that is unless YOU push them (thats where the legal beagle would come in.)


You might want to call your insurance company in on this. Back in 1993, my wife’s car was totaled when another car slid through a stop sign. We got a check for the retail value minus the $500 deductible. After a few months my insurance company went after the other party’s insurance company for reimbursement. Eventually we got 90% of the deductible back.

Your insurance company would probably be more inclined to total your truck than the dealer’s. At worst, a second opinion wouldn’t hurt.

Good luck,

Ed B.


First talk with the dealer…I know a guy who brought his car in for a routine tuneup at the dealer. The car was about 4 years old…They forgot to tighten the fuel filter hose and about 10 miles driving back the hose let go and caught on fire…the car was a total lose. He got an EXCELLENT deal from the dealer…I think they gave him a new car at cost and then took another $10k off. His payments were like $10 more then his old car and he was getting it paid off sooner. They were very nice…If I ever wanted to buy a Ford I would definetly buy from these guys.


Wait and see what they offer to you. After getting fair market value for your car from insurance they can sell you a new or slightly used Toyota truck at cost(if new invoice - holdback of 2-4%+fees). You may get quite surprised.


Thanks for all the great feedback Folks. Well, the deal is done. Dealer gave me $17.5 for mine, discounted a 2007 V6 TRD Sport Access Cab $2500 under invoice, added a $500 rebate and ate all out of pocket costs.
Was it the best deal? Maybe, maybe not. But I am OK with it. Oh, I ran in to the insurance adjuster at the body shop while I was swapping my detritus out of the old one to the new. Found out that the claim was for $6800 and that there was more damge than I knew. Apparently the rear bumper hit the concrete when it fell bending the bumper and mounts, damaging the back of the cab and who knows what else. Not totalled but not good either. If anyone decides to buy a Silver 05 Taco with a K & N kit and a black flex stalk mounted to the rt side of the console beware of repairs.
Thanks Again!