Mechanic Crashed My Truck

I just got my first reasonably newer truck (2010 Toyota Tacoma). I took it in to a mechanic to put a lift and tires on it and they plowed by truck through thier bay door. Basically tore up my front end and totaled the driver side door. The day it happened the guy working on it signed a paper saying that he would fix all of the damage done as well as provide about $3,500 gratis worth of a brush gaurd, winch light bar and lights. It’s been a couple of days and even after repeated calls and visits the mechanic shop owner has not even called me to discuss. Trying to be calm…stuff happens right? But I’m getting very concerned I’ve not been contacted by the owner. Thoughts or suggestions?? Thanks!!!

Hmm. first did not post. Basically, you want Toyota to fix your 2010 vehicle. Don’t mess around with the shop which was going to put tires on it. Call your insurance company; let them know of the loss; and drive it or have it towed to your nearest Toyota Body Repair shop. Send a quick letter or phone call to the business which was going to do tires and a lift; let them know your insurance company will be calling them. Simple. Their business insurance will deal with any overages if you have difficulties getting your insurance to agree to the charges which Toyota will bill out. Don’t let the promise of a winch and brush guard, etc. cause you to be influenced by who is going to repair your vehicle. Get the vehicle repaired properly. The people who damaged it - probably should not be the ones repairing it.

Thanks much!! Same line of thought on my end. I’ve already told them they had to take it to Toyota to get fixed…not going to fall for the chop shop thing. Also, agree that they will never touch my truck again. I have not contacted my insurance yet in hopes they might do what I ask, plus give me all of the parts I want gratis. I think I have them and can pretty much get what I want done and where. I’m not to aggressive of a person and don’t want to cause major issues for a business, but based on my experience with them so far I’m tempted to contact the Better Business Bureau, OSHA etc. In any case if I don’t get what I want I would say I’m looking at contacting my insurance for certain. Would you agree it might be worth a try to work with them at all though? One huge thing I have left out is that I just found out (Post first Comment) that the owner is on vacation and in Vegas. I’m thinking I should wait until Monday when he supposedly gets back to talk before taking any actions. Thanks again for commenting!! I’ve never really had a nice vehicle and this is kind of affecting my emotions. Just want to make sure I’m doing what’s best and of course get my emotional/liver damage covered as well.

Most important thing is to get the truck back from them ASAP, before they “fix” it themselves. Once that happens, you can’t undo it. Go there tomorrow morning and demand the keys and your truck and drive it away. Or have it towed. And before you leave, take photos of the damage, with their shop in the background. Owner’s in Vegas? So what. It’s your truck. Get it back from whatever numbskull is in the shop tomorrow.

Thanks Jesmed!! Already got pics and took my truck Tuesday Morning when it happened. In hind site I should have had it towed to Toyota, but I was a little flustered. I’m wondering how much the owner knows. They gave me a cell number, but it went to voice mail and a mail box that was not set up. Also a good bit concerned that I’m in such a small town and I’m a long ways from home. I get the impression everybody knows everybody so I’m trying to be careful with regards to that as well. Been listening to car talk for years and never joined the forum which seems pretty awesome!! Thanks again for the advice and comments!

You should not be concerning yourself with how much the owner knows. I’m glad that you have your truck back. Follow DS777’s advice. Let the insurance handle it. Stay focused and accept no “offers” nor even communications with the shop that damaged your truck. That said, most of us get flustered and take a misstep when something shocking happens. You’re on the right track now.

Is the the lift kit and tires already done? Or is it mid project? Is the truck sitting outside? Is it drivable?

How small of a town are we talking? Do you live in the small town or near it?

In this case where the damage was without question caused by the shop I would insist that the repairs be made at the Toyota dealer. Don’t forget rental car.

Don’t assume that the Toyota dealer is the BEST place to have body work done. There are several local body shops around here that put all the dealers to shame. And some dealers around here don’t even have a body shop. They farm it out to a couple of body shops.

What ever you do - DON’T let the mechanic shop do the work. Also even though the mechanic who did the work has admitted guilt…the body shop is ultimately responsible. Get in touch with YOUR insurance company ASAP. They can handle this. And with some insurance companies and in some states you have to use one of their approved body shops…which may or may not be a Toyota dealer.

Guys…this thread was started in March. Unlkely the OP is reading it now.