Droping a gas tank in a Full Size Blazer


I am trying to drop the gas tank in a full size 1994 Chevy blazer… I removed the fuel tank straps with a floor jack under the tank for support (its over 1/2 full of course, and I cant run it dry becasue it is spraying fuel onto the exsaust). Any way I unbolted the straps and lowered the jack and the tank stayed put. I am afrade to push and pull on the tank to much, but it does not seem to move at all. Any ideas on how to get it down??


Well, you light a match, and then… KIDDING!

The tank and related stuff will still be attached at the gas filler neck, evaporative emission control gear, supply and return fuel lines, fuel pump wiring, fuel level sender wiring, grounding strap,… did you catch all that stuff? Some of it may not be accessible until you’ve lowered the tank part way. A repair manual would be quite useful at this point. Did the tank move at all when you tried to lower it?

Just be careful or you’ll really have a blazer! When I was a kid, we had an Olds Vista Cruiser, with the vertical gas tank in the fender. The fuel line decided to spring a leak, and our garage floor was flooded with gas. Fortunately, no fire.


I had a repair manual, but the tank was just stuck. I did get it down with a little prying…

Thanks for the help


Why can’t you siphon the gas out?