Driving with a spouse in the car


Why do I become an overanxious driver when my husband rides with me? I drive like an in-control competent driver until my husband accompanies me. Then I become overly aggressive and try to demonstrate how great a driver I am. It leads to many

bad moves… ugh…


Try driving with two spouses in the car!


Sounds to me like he has a habit of making non-verbal critical ‘comments’ anytime he is not in control or in the driver’s seat. Work on becoming more assertive with him in other areas of your life and marriage and I bet you will become more confident when it is your turn to be in the driver’s seat. Just my opinion.


We don’t know anything about you. How can we answer that question?


Who are you really trying to impress? Why are you so easily intimidated? When you drive you are the captain of the vehicle. Relax!


It is difficult to be a passenger and you recognize that he’s uncomfortable. Drive like you know how. You want to have a mind bending experience? Pretend that your spouse is driving all the other cars on the road! Sometimes I do that and it stops my road faults. Don’t do it for too long. Just remembering that you did it, will change some of your thinking.