Driving and texting

Like I said I really don’t care to continue this. Maybe you want to take it outside where you can call me names and insult my intelligence and take a swing if you want. But these things happened well before there was any Fox or radio shows. We questioned the handling of the JFK assassination without any help from Fox news. You think we got our information from Fox but maybe it was the other way around and some of us have had these opinions years before. There was no Fox for Travelgate or Whitewater as examples. I’d have to look the guys name up again but in an interview a former mob boss said he has never seen before the level of corruption in DC. And another suicide to protect big names? At least it was a hanging and not suicide by two shots to the back of the head. Let the truth come out is all. Think there isn’t a connection with China for McConnell’s wife, or Hunter Biden, or Kerry? Guess again. Just hard financial data, not Fox. Gee I wish Russia would pay me $500,000 for a speech. Nothing to see here folks, just move along for the common good.

Who cares about what happened almost 60 years ago.

Typical Bing…There’s nothing you can debate. You drink the Fox Coo-laid. Everything else is fake news to you. Even when presented with hard facts to the contrary.


The catch phrases are there because their too cowardly to admit their racism. Oh it’s there if you look. Their words/phrases don’t bother me…it’s their actions. The current group of people in the WH scare the hell out of me.

Picture me, driving this discussion off the cliff, a la Thelma and Louise.