Driveway Distress



I have a driveway dilemma! My husband won’t pull his car to the end of our driveway to park, because he says it’s bad for his shocks (?). The end of the driveway opens up to a small apron, which is slightly sloped to the right, to direct rainwater to the drain. This makes the right side of his car sit slightly lower than the left side, maybe a few inches lower. I would estimate the grade to be 5-10 degrees max (a basketball will sit there without rolling). The problem I have is this makes me park in the narrow part of the driveway, so I have to step out of my car onto grass/mud. This is no fun, especially when I have on nice shoes, and it’s Spring, when the grass is often wet / muddy. I told him that I parked at the end of the driveway for 20 years, and never had a problem with my shocks. He said it’s because his car is wider than mine (he drives a Toyota Solara and I drive a Honda Civic). Can parking a car on a gentle left-to-right slope really damage the shocks? THANKS!!!


good grief…make him back in half the time to balance what ever perceived wear on the shocks he thinks he might be causing!


Has your husband ever been to San Francisco? Parking on hills, even steep ones will not harm the shocks, or springs. I’m not sure where he got the idea about damage. Shocks are damaged by moving up and down and hitting a major pothole. Parking doesn’t involve either.


There will be no damage or stress to the shocks.


Have you looked at the average city street and its elevations? There is usually a crown in the center and the lowest part is near the curb to direct the rain water into the storm sewers. Thousands of cars are parked parallel to the curb all day long without ill effect.

Does your husband worry about stray UFOs hitting the house on a stormy night??


The OP’s husband is both ill-informed and extremely discourteous to his wife.
Because of a perceived risk to his shock absorbers, he makes his wife walk through mud?

The OP’s husband should be glad that he doesn’t have any serious issues to worry about.
Worldwide, millions of people are ill-clothed, ill-fed, and without a roof over their heads.
In our own country, the percentage of people who lost their jobs and their homes over the past couple of years is distressingly high.
And this guy obsesses over possible long-term damage to his shock absorbers from parking at a slight angle?

Even if the OP’s husband was correct–which he is NOT–the brevity of life and the importance of human relationships make his priorities very strange, IMHO.


Parking on a slope won’t hurt a thing. Give him a dope slap.


Huh ? Maybe he’s as much concerned with his shoes and has nothing to do with shocks.


He cannot honestly believe what he’s saying. Nobody in their right mind would “buy” that excuse.

The problem isn’t the driveway, the shocks, or the car. It’s the selfish, inconsiderate bum that drives the car. And what other pathetic excuses does he give you to do whatever he wants with complete disregard for you?

Yes, you can print this ahd show it to him. Perhaps if he realizes what a fool he’s making of himself he’ll grow up a bit.


Print these out.
Tape them to the windshield.
Tape a second poster next to it the says MOVE THIS TRUCK.

or call a tow truck, while he’s at home so he can watch, to move it over three feet.


As you must get by now, he is nuts.

In fact, this is so ridiculous that maybe you should start asking what it is “really” about.


Your husband is wrong and inconsiderate.


Now, let us not confuse being nuts with being selfish and inconsiderate. It’s demeaning to us nuts.


If you can, park beside his car so he has to get in on the passenger side and crawl over the center console. :stuck_out_tongue:


Get A 2"x12"x16’ Pressure Treated Plank From the Builder’s Store And Place It Along The Edge Of The Driveway And He Can Run One Set Of Wheels Up On It Where The Pavement Slants.

Go to a sailboat or RV supply store and get an inclinometer and give it to him so he can stick it to his dashboard and check the angle. Then tell him to sleep in the car to see if it maintains level day and night.



Excellent point mountainbike. I actually know many people who are nuts but are perfectly considerate - when they are in the same reality as everyone else around them anyway.

I think she should still start asking what its really about though! It sounds to me like one those things about which way you hang the toilet paper.


But only if you’re so “inclined”. Maybe,the husband has as much a fashion concern as is wife, but is too unaware to make any adjustments. That’s why I like your suggestions instead of name calling. He could be a fine fellow. A little naive, but a fine fellow and having to sleep in the car, could be a game changer.


Sorry dag, but if the original post is accurate the guy is an inconsiderate bum. Nobody can possibly believe what he’s using as an excuse. I respect your willingness to give the guy the benefit of the doubt though.

I like the idea of making him sleep in the car, however.


I hear you “same”…maybe too much jesting on my part w/o the :slight_smile: but…
You can’t believe some of the highly educated professionals I know, who actually do believe these things and worse about cars, and behave “foolishly” with respect to those beliefs but are really good people otherwise. You’re right, we don’t know enough and but I’m uncomfortable calling him an inconsiderate bum…now “acting” like one sounds better to me.


I can live with that. Perhaps saying he’s acting like an incnsiderate bum is a much better statement than saying he IS an inconsiderate bum. All I really know about him is what’s written in the post. And I don’t really even know THAT as fact.