Parking on a curb

Is it hard on a vehicle to park up on a curb? I have been parking my truck with the passenger side on the curb to get it further off the street and I was told it is hard on a vehicle to leave it parked at an angle. True?

It depends on how you got up on the curb,did you hit the curb head on at high speed or did you angle up a slow speed. Is the curb abrupt or rounded.

Ever seen a vehicle displayed at a Dealer up on one of those pedestals? The angle wont hurt anything at all.

What argument did the “hurts your vehicle” crowd promote?

People always ask these types of questions but withold their view or explain any possible reason that they think the warning could be valid. OP what do YOU think and why? You want our viewpoint it is only fair that you give your viewpoint.

If you’re careful getting up & down as oldschool said, there is no reason that this will hurt anything - it is only the up & down that puts extra work on tires/rims/suspension & such. But parking on an angle certainly wont hurt the truck.

It might hurt the wallet - or the pedestrians. Aren’t you getting parking tickets for this sort of thing?

If carefully done, there is little chance of damage. However in many places you could be subject to a ticket.

Well I actally have been parking on the compacted snow pile left by the plows (little higher than curb height). No trouble or anything getting up there. I asked and my buddy said it puts more of the vehicles weight on the street side so it is harder on the shocks/struts, bearings, ect on that side of the vehicle.

If it’s a truck and decent high profile tires and you got there slowly…no problem. As long as it’s not heavily loaded down at the time. Make sure you block the wheels. If it rolls and causes damage, you could be in dodo if parked illegally. Gee, some of use live on angles bigger than any curb. Would it be a problem parking in San Francisco ?