Car parked right against our rear bumper in driveway

My stepdaughter pulled into our driveway right behind our car. Her car came to rest pressing against our rear bumper, so my question should you decide to accept it, Was the pressure of her car parked against ours for a few hours potentially damaging in any way to our car? (when she backed out our car moved backwards an inch.)

I highly doubt it. If you park your Cadillac downhill or uphill (45 degress or steeper) it places a lot of stress on the vehicle drivetrain. People park like this everyday with no damage.


Was this on a hill? Was your parking brake on?

Other than scratches on the bumper, no problem. Your bumper is attached to shock absorbers that are attached to the car body. The shock absorbers are what makes them damage resistant in very low speed collisions. This is sort of like your car sitting on the shock absorbers or struts that damp out the bumps as you drive. I’d tell her to stay off the bumper in the future; she will eventually hit it too hard.

Your Step-Daughter just totaled your car!
Tell your son to divorce her straight away, after she pays for you to have a new car.

After reading the post, I am guessing the true issue is that the parent doesn’t believe the Step-Daughter is very respectful of their property.

I see bigger issues in the future, possibly very near future.


We don’t do soap-operas here…

OH yes we do:)

The OP’s step daughter is the daughter of his/her spouse.

The OP’s daughter-in-law is the wife of his/her son.

It is very unlikely that the OP’s step daughter is married to his/her son. That really would constitute a soap opera…

Damage is unlikely, but if there is damage it’ll be to the parking pawl that locks the drivetrain in place when the car is parked. What I’d suggest is that you try shift the trans in and out of park a few times and see if it’d having difficulty.

The parking pawls are spring loaded pins that secure the drivetrain in Park.

If you bust out your magnifying glass you might notice some microscopic scratches in the paint on the bumper cover.

just take a five pound sledge and bust out her windshield and headlights, that’ll learn her.

Was the moon at full or new phase? Was there any nearby volcanic activity? Are you currently menstruating?

Unless she bumped your car hard enough to cause damage, this isn’t an issue.

Let me guess. One is a Republican and the other a Democrat.

In that order.

“Damage is unlikely, but if there is damage it’ll be to the parking pawl that locks the drivetrain in place when the car is parked.”

NOT!! If there is DAMAGE it will be to the Styrofoam that is the backing for today’s bumpers…

Bumper? Bumper! BUMPER! Geez! She actually bumped it?


What do you bet that lookat won’t be back here again… You guys should be ashamed.

Wouldn’t be the first time that happened, and it probably won’t be the last. As the saying goes, ask a silly question, get a silly answer…

I agree, Mark. I think there is much more being asked from the OP. I think she’s looking for ammunition in a domestic argument with the spouse. Something along the lines of ‘She has not respect, and couldn’t care less about damaging my stuff’!