Driver's side light and lens cover - Mercury Villager

I need the driver’s side blinker/bright light lens cover as well as the thing the bright bulb sits in AND a bulb to go in it. I do not know all the terms … I hope what I have said makes sense.

I’d like a used one if I can? Where do I get one? I live in Monett, MO. There are a few junkyards around me, but what exactly do I say when I call them to ask for the part?

I have the lens cover in my hand right now … it has a few different numbers on the back but I am not sure which number would be used to identify the exact part. Here’s what it says:



26115 0B000

BODY SAE ABS (ABS is in a box)

LENS SAE PMMA (PMMA is in a box)

on the side near the blinker it says:

194 14V 3.78W

Thank you for any help you can give.

What you probably need is the whole headlight assembly. I suggest taking the thing to the junk yard so they can match it up. They’ll also need the year of your Villager, which you neglected to give us.

Cross your fingers and hope the junk yard has a used one, or can locate one, because new ones are expensive.

The bulb is available at any auto parts store.

Sorry about that - the year is 1996. Thank you for the response - I’ll see if I know there are a few junk yards around here … I hope I find something.