Replacement Headlight Covers

My beloved 2008 Toyota Yaris (2-door Hatchback, base model), aka Bessie, is in need of a little help with her vision these days. My 80-year old dad says she has cataracts, like him. LOL.

The current headlight covers are original to the car when I purchased in 2010 and are scratched beyond the point of the kits I’ve purchased to “restore” them. Is there somewhere reputable and affordable where I can find a pair of plastic headlight covers to replace the originals? The electrical components of the headlights (headlamps?) are in great shape and do not need replacing, but I’ve never had a car this long and am unsure of my options for replacing specific parts.

Thanks in advance for any advice!

I’d drop by a car detailer, they can polish up the headlights for not too much $$. The alternative is to replace the headlight assembly, the covers aren’t separate.

They’re around $60 each at Rockauto.

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I found not-too-costly good replacement fixtures for my 1999 Honda at Rock Auto on line. Much better results than my polishing efforts.

Thank you! It’s incredibly helpful to know the proper terminology :slight_smile: I have a friend who is a detailer and will ask them before I try to replace anything.

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The headlight covers can’t be replaced.

The headlight assemblies must be replaced.


Thank you! This is good to know - grateful for a site you’ve had success with :slight_smile:

Thank you for the terminology! And for the link too. Trying to prepare for winter in Cleveland, OH, which could arrive at any moment.

Your dad’s headlight covers can be replaced too. My mother in law had her lenses replaced a few years ago. I believe that Medicare paid for all or most of it. They’ll do one at a time given the remote chance that there is a problem with the first one that leaves that eye blind.

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